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Trading education level guidence

Based on the past social performance of Comaxinvest traders, we have proved to our valuable traders how important it is to learn the 7 Golden level of trading. 

Comaxinvest prioritizes our clients’ trading quality, so we offer a wide range of online and offline educational resources to help them improve the quality of their trades.We have demo training as the first step on account activation, suitable for anyone, no matter if you are new to trading or even professional traders. Our one on one will cover a vast range of essential trading knowledge, from the basics to trading sentiments, allowing you to be the trader you want to be.

Basic Level 1: Forex Market and Trading Margin

  • The investment characteristics of the foreign exchange market
  • The concept of foreign exchange
  • Exchange rate pricing method
  • The type of exchange rate
  • The role and composition of the foreign exchange market
  • Foreign exchange market trading hours and attributes
  • Foreign exchange leverage theory
  • Basic foreign exchange terms
  • Major currency attributes and characteristics

Level 2: Platform Knowledge and functions

  • Training on features and operations guidelines

Level 3: Fundamental Analysis

  • Economical
  • Economic Indicators Analysis
  • Major economies and geopolitics
  • Major currency fundamentals Influencers

Level 4: Technical Analysis

  • Technical Analysis Definition
  • Single Candlestick Morphology Analysis
  • Candlestick combination morphology analysis
  • Candlestick Pattern Morphology Analysis

Level 5: Technical Indicator Analysis

  • Support and Resistance
  • Trend Lines and Tunnels
  • Moving Average
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Relative Strength Index

Level 6: Principles of Operation and Trading Psychology

  • Principle and methods of operation
  • The basic strategy of operation
  • Effective stop loss
  • Trading psychology and control
  • Practical experience and suggestions

Level 7: Fund Management and Trading Strategies

  • Fund Management
  • Trading Strategy
  • Trading Instructions
  • Fund Management Essentials
  • Trading Strategies and queries

Central Bank Interest Rates

This page provides a guide to the current interest rates of several central banks from around the world. These are the rates at which central banks lend money to commercial banks. Interest rates are a viable tool used by central banks to conduct their countries’ monetary policies.

How central bank interest rates affect currency trading

Interest rates play an important role in determining the prices of currencies. Since current interest rates are set by the central banks, the latter are the most influential players whose decisions determine the flow of investments to a certain country. Since, generally speaking, a currency is the representation of a country’s economy, differences in interest rates affect the relative worth of one currency compared to another.

Changes to central banks’ interest rates usually cause movements, and sometimes high volatility, in the Forex market.

Careful speculation on central banks’ actions can increase a trader’s chances of making a profit.