Portfolio Builder

Are you an entrepreneur?

Want to start business at no expense? Portfolio Builder is a perfect solution for you. Customize your own way of referring clients and get stable commission every month. A Portfolio builder does not require special knowledge of trading.

How does it work?

Portforlio Builder is an individual or a company who directs new clients to a Forex broker and receives a commission for doing so. In general, an introducer is someone who is engaged in the financial industry and has a personal relationship with his clients. All you have to do is introduce your clients to Comaxinvest and receive a commission after those clients register with Comaxinvest.

A simple recommendation or a banner on your website can bring good long-lasting income. (If you do not have a website, we can assist you with it).

All you need is advertise our brand & earn commissions for each client you refer upon their account opening with a minimum account balance.

Once we have the website, we will provide you with a detailed partner’s statistics report to view your performance and daily earned income.

Our cutting edge technology solutions enable business owners to track your rebates from our online back office system dedicated to your business & allows them to customize business commission structures.

Get in touch with your accounts manager in order to find more information on this.

Whatever your strengths are, we’ve formulated a commission plan to give you the highest earning rewards in the industry. Join our introduction program and achieve your financial objectives.