Precious Metals

Precious Metals

Metals are a physical commodity and have always played an important role in history and will continue to be valued. Demand for these metals has increased around the world and therefore has driven prices up over the past several years. Metals such as Gold and silver have been recognized as valuable and have always been a trader’s favorite choice. Precious metals, especially Gold have always been a favorite asset with investors in times of market uncertainty and financial crisis. With Comaxinvest, diversify your portfolio by trading various preciousassets.



Silver is a highly volatile metal. Given silver’s common use in jewelry and consumer products, supply and demand heavily influence movements in this commodity.


Gold is the most popular commodity traded. Gold has always been a favorite asset with investors in time of market uncertainty and financial crisis.


Palladium is considered to be a chemically stable metal. It is one of the main internationally traded commodities and is known to be up to 30 times rarer than gold.


Platinum is one of rarest metals in the world. Platinum consist of very special properties that are of large demand in various industries. This has led to wild fluctuations in supply and demand, which in turn has caused platinum’s price to be quite volatile therefore creating great trading opportunities.