Professional Traders

Gold is considered a safe-haven asset and
we are here to prove you that!

Comaxinvest is giving professional traders another great way to win. Discover the highly volatized Gold market to Take advantage of every single trading activity & convert your trading volumes to get the latest high-valued devices as a royalty reward from comaxinvest for all your GOLDEN dedication to trading.

Being in the category of professional’s Do not miss checking out our GOLDEN blockbuster promotions offered only to qualifying gold traders.

Follow the simple steps to get qualified.

  • Register for a live account
  • Get verified as a professional trader with the required KYC
  • Fund your trading account
  • Signing offer agreement
  • Trade till you reach any gift with a minimum volume requirement
  • Apple I phone 11 pro max
  • 64 GB
  • The maximum trading period is 60 days from the date the application is signed.
  • application signed date
  • Platform – MT5 desktop & mobile only
  • Minimum Deposit $2000
  • Minimum Volume 150 Lots
  • Devices will be purchased locally from an authorized
  • store as per client preference.
  • SAMSUNG 4K UHD LED 65 “Smart TV
  • Game Enhancer, Google Assistant, Alexa
  • Maximum duration for trading is 60 days from the application signed date
  • Platform Mt4 or Mt5 desktop and mobile
  • Minimum Deposit $2000
  • Minimum Volume 140 Lots
  • Gifts will be purchased from a local authorized store as per client preference.

Terms and conditions

This competition is strictly available to all professional traders

  • Account needs to be funded with a minimum deposit of $2000 or the equivalent amount of base currency of the trader’s choice.
  • Minimum required standard lots should be completed in order to be eligible for the promotion.
  • Prize: Depending on geographical location, the prize may be ordered online from a locally suggested website as per client preference.

Royality Reward

Comax invest is a leading brand-named broker in the market and we consider our clients as the backbone of our hard work & efforts of a decade. So we decided to offer royalty rewards to our valued clients who are just starting to take their first steps in understanding the intricacies of financial markets to become a professional trader.

Rebates Reward Terms & Conditions

Minimum Deposit

  • Cash Back promotion is valid between the ‘valid from’ and ‘valid to’ dates of the signed agreement.
  • Traders’ can choose tradeable or cash bonus before signing an agreement.
  • The Rebates Reward can be claimed by each Client once completing minimum trading lots.
  • The Promotion is open only to individuals who are qualified as a professional trader or have a solid understanding of FX and commodities trading.
  • Only trading volume in Forex pairs & Metals is accounted for to calculate the trading volume for the Rebates Reward campaigns. All other instruments are excluded.
  • If a client withdraws funds from his trading account or fails to achieve the required trading volume during the period of above stated days, the progress will be lost, and the account will no longer be eligible for cash back.
  • The position holding time for each trade should be at least 5 minutes.
  • The broker reserves the right to disqualify any user if there is any suspicion of misuse or abuse of fair rules of the Reward Campaign or terms.

Comax Trader’s Talk expose the opportunities of earning potentials to our valued traders to earn and achieve success by analyzing, predicting and bidding.

Comax Trader’s Talk is an amazing tool that that allows investors to observe prediction patterns of expert traders and post your own predictions. This allows you to gain a little bit of help from other successful professional traders and creates a WIN WIN situation to earn commissions out of each successful prediction you post.

Who can participate???

After completing 3 months of trading activities in comax invest platforms. Trader will be given access for free to post or to view signals.

Where can I place my prediction?

Login in to personal arena to view Trader’s talk section

How the winner will be defined ?

Prediction should be absolutely precise and should contain TP and SL rates.

Minimum Requirements to get eligible for payouts

  • Minimum signals Per day
  • Instruments
  • Payout
  • Minimum Success rate for payout
  • Minimum Pip requirement for Take profit
  • Individual
  • Minimum signals Per day 10
  • Instruments Any
  • PayoutDaily
  • Minimum Success rate for payout 80%
  • Minimum Pip requirement for Take profit 15
  • Coporate
  • Minimum signals Per day 15
  • Instruments Any
  • PayoutWeekly
  • Minimum Success rate for payout 90%
  • Minimum Pip requirement for Take profit 50
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coming soon!!!