Chosse your preferred trading modes in one platform

Simple FX TradingSimple FX Trading is a relatively new and promising derivative, the advantages of which include the fixed risk and higher payouts. This type of trading is available for everyone, you do not need to be a professional in Economics or Finance in order to make a profit.

All you need is to invest in an asset (e.g.,: Forex currency pair, stock, index or commodity) and wait for its expiry time. It Is simple and everyone is able to make a profit.

Simple FX enables the trading account to boost the trades expiry time is ranging from 30 seconds (short time trade) to one year (long time trade). This means that you can make up to 90% from your original investment in just a few seconds. There is no other financial instruments which can offer you such a profit!

Is Simple FX is safe for me ?

You love to trade. But you are tired of making trade out’s.

You might use stops, only to give up staying power. You like the protection but it’s painful to see the market turn and your trade end where you thought it would …after you got stopped out.

Maybe you have traded on margin to gain leverage only to see your risk ratchet up as you give away control of your trades.

Or you work hard to generate several trade ideas for different markets, only then you have to manage multiple platforms and accounts.

Want a way to choose your risk, get protection without being stopped out, and trade a variety of markets in one straightforward way?

Wish you could trade without trade out?

Wish granted.

Trading without trade out’s. That’s what Comaxinvest Simple FX options offers.

If that’s what you are looking for when you trade, then Simple FX options might be made for you.